SlayerDoesYT aOwner posted Jul 7, 17

I have been very inactive lately, and I am trying to change that! Hopefully soon I will start comming on more often starting in about a week or two! (To all the donors out there, I will try to get on very soon and fix all your mines!)

anasbennane8 No problem :thumb:
anasbennane8 No worries :)

The Prison's Shop is Complete!!!

JacobJake7 aOwner posted Jun 24, 17

We have finished the donation shop for prison, and have also added something new! There is now a rewards system in place. You are able to gain points on every purchase (over $5) you make! Every point is worth $1, and for every $15 you spend you get 1 point back. Make sure to claim your points to get anything you want out of the shop!

If you need to report someone, and or apeal to a ban / mute use the contact page.

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